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1998 Carvin Bolt-T

This is my second Carvin Guitar.

I purchased it used off Ebay for $300 delivered.
It came with some piece of crap Duncan pickups: a Humbucker and a single at the neck.
I don't have anything against Duncon but they sounded like cheap shit.
I had a set of Carvin M series Humbuckers I installed that made all the difference in the world


I had to set the action and Strobe it like we always have to do with someone else's guitar
One of the adjustments snapped off on the bridge when I was strobing it. That cost another $70
So with the cost of the guitar, the pickups and the new bridge I have almost enough to buy a Bolt
from Carvin. Oh well... What's a guy t do. I know this: the way I have this guitar adjusted, it plays
AWESOME!!!!! I thought my SC90 was the ultimate but I love this guitar!!!!

I love the colors of our Flag This has been my favorite strap since I laid eyes on it.
My strap kept slipping off the pins and replacing the strap is not an option.
So I ordered a set of strap locks.


In the not to distant future I am planning to strip this down to the bare wood and finish it in blood red with some kind of accents. I really like black accents with red but that is so typical. But hey, typical or not, Red and Black are an awesome combo.

The finish looks grey but its actually black with some kind of crinkle finish
with some kind of tin foil looking accents

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